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7th Jan-28th Jan 2022

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About The Program

While Calories count, Hormones count more. By focusing on 4 pillars of holistic approach, our program offers comprehensive evaluation and management of the multiple manifestations of PCOD. Our team delivers collaborative and patient-centered care to treat your symptoms of PCOD.

4 Pillars of Holistic Health

  • Balanced Nutrition: Fueling the body with right food according to your body needs helps in fueling the mind.
  • Physical Health: Exercising regularly and practicing activities such as yoga, swimming etc. have long term benefits, only a handful of people are able to enjoy them.
  • Stress Management: A healthy mind is the key to happiness and overall well-being of an individual.
  • Sleep Management: Sleep is believed to be the time when our body relaxes, brain recharges and we retain our information and memory.

Only Rs. 2499


  • Onboarding Live Session with Dietitian Nikita.
  • Weekly detailed customized diet plan.
  • Weekly Feedback call with Dietitian Nikita.
  • 9 Hrs Priority Support ( 9:30am to 6:30pm IST).
  • Non-restrictive diet ,mainly home cooked food.
  • Total 30 recipes e-book guide.
  • Maintenance guide after your package is over.

Only Rs. 2499

Who should join the program?

  • Diagnosed with PCOD/ PCOS.
  • Anyone with Periods issue (Painful/Scanty/Irregular periods) .
  • Hormonal Acne.
  • PCOD Induced Obesity.
  • PCOD Induced Insulin-resistance.

Only Rs. 2499

What will you Get to Learn?

  • Tweaking your eating habits according to the condition .
  • Know about mindful eating habits.
  • Achieve sustainable result and maintain it.
  • Creating your own meal plan.
  • Heal your relationship with all sorts of food.

Only Rs. 2499

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