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We are often baffled by the science of nutrition, but it is not that complex if we try to understand it. There is nothing more fundamental in our lives other than food and nutrition. The mental, physical, emotional health and overall well-being of an individual depends on the kind of nutritional intake that individual supports. One mustn’t forgot the old saying that “Health is wealth”, and it is essential that we must reconnect with it.

People without a clear plan or the correct guiding force often feel hesitant to begin a new journey. It is necessary to have someone guide us and help us overcome our hurdles. Urban diet aims to cater to the needs of our clients under the guidance and supervision of the renowned Dietitian Nikita Tanwar. She did Bachelors in Home science from lady Irwin College, University of Delhi and Masters in Home science from Government Home Sciences College, Chandigarh.

With over 6 years of experience, Urban Diet endeavours to promote a healthy lifestyle through achievable goals, producing desired results.

She believes that making positive changes in the daily routine and leading a balanced lifestyle can lead to groundbreaking long-term results. She is one of the most reputed dietitian in Chandigarh, who believes that the natural way is the best way for achieving a fit and happy body. A wholesome diet, an active routine and a natural progress is the correct path to success.


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Balanced Nutrition

Fueling the body with right food according to your body needs helps in fueling the mind. A well-balanced diet provides important vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to keep the body strong and healthy. Balanced nutrition helps in control over body weight, fights off disease, provides more energy, let us sleep better, and provides power to the brain.

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Physical Health

Exercising regularly and practicing activities such as yoga, swimming etc. have long term benefits, only a handful of people are able to enjoy them. A lot of people struggle to create a slot for exercise or body workouts in their busy schedules. The overall routine of a person, from his diet to his sleeping patterns, each aspect of his routine constitutes of his physical health.

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Stress Management

A healthy mind is the key to happiness and overall well-being of an individual. The hustle bustle of today’s world has forced us to always be “available”. People often forget about their own thoughts and needs which ultimately bottles up to become stressful. In a busy and tech-oriented world like ours, a tech break is the need of the hour. Relaxation practices can have profound effects on your mind, body and soul.

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Sleep Management

Sleep is believed to be the time when our body relaxes, brain recharges and we retain our information and memory. For waking up fresh the next day and maintaining a healthy mind, a proper sleep of 7-8 hours of sleep is a must. Sleep deprivation can be tackled by a balanced diet, reducing stress levels, exercising and avoiding usage of electronic gadgets before going to bed.

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Cost Effective

Our Programs are reliable, cost effective & based on advanced nutritional solution,
which will help you to achieve desired results.

Customised Plan

With our wellness programs we focus on overall body care and management of a healthy lifestyle. Each individual will have a completely personalized approach to nutrition, exercise, sleep management, hygiene, stress management and other factors, and we promise to provide the same to each of our client.

Goal Oriented

We believe in the concept of quality living and in order to help our clients achieve their goals; we offer a vast range of programs. You can enrol in the program best suited to your needs.

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