Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Program

How Pregnancy Care Program Works?

Bringing life into this world is one of the most beautiful and natural processes. It's important to take care of your baby, even before he or she is born. It is essential for the mother to take care of her health and wellbeing during her pregnancy for a healthy birth. Prenatal care is necessary while you are pregnant i.e. keeping track of appointments with doctor and leading a healthy life.

Making sure that you are leading a healthy lifestyle during those nine months can be confusing and stressful. Questions such as what to eat, when to eat and what you’re eating may affect your baby in an unwanted way can arise and cause stress. We at urban diet endeavour to assist you through your day to day questions related to your nourishment during your pregnancy journey for a healthy birth.

After the birth, you may become conscious of your new post-birth body. The itching of squeezing back into your old fashionable pants can make you question if rigorous physical activity is for you yet. But before you dive back into any type of physical activity or change your diet you need some expert advice. Urban diet stands by you to assist and plan your diet in order to have a healthy recovery and replenish your strength. We focus on planning a well-balanced diet for getting all the right nutrients for your beginning with the new member.

What's inside the Plan?

  • Pre-Post Pregnancy Nutrition and Weight Management.
  • Weekly Customized Diet Plan.
  • Weekly Feedback call with Nutritionist.
  • Live chat support 9:30 am to 6:30 pm IST.
  • Nutritional guidance for healthy lifestyle.
  • Recipe and Maintenance guide.

The key benefits of the Pregnancy Care Program:

Our team focuses on individual requirements and accordingly provides personalized diets according to one’s need.

The plan will be customized according to the mother and baby’s requirements during any stage of her pregnancy.

Balanced Nutrition, Physical Health Management, Stress Management and Sleep Management are focused upon by our experts.

We review the progress and discuss challenges every week.


Experts providing the best service according to your personalized program

One Month

  • USD 55
  • A short and effective package designed for achieving small goals.
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Three Month

  • USD 125
  • A committed ride customized in accordance with your short term goals.
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Six Month

  • USD 240
  • A journey of lifestyle changes and accomplishing long term goals.
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